G.T. Car Parts

is an independent supplier of new, used, reproduction and remanufactured Ferrari and Lamborghini parts, since 1975. We supply parts worldwide to dealers, independent shops, parts wholesalers and retail customers.

Feel free to browse our online selection and contact our sales staff directly with questions or to order. Please note that what we show on the website is only a small portion of our total inventory.

Service through Expertise

We have 2 large warehouses filled with new and used parts and salvage cars, covering 50+ years and dozens of models of Ferrari and Lamborghini production. Our inventory is constantly changing, with new parts and cars entering and leaving our stock. We are a small company and it would be impossible for us to enter every single part we have into our inventory system and keep it all up-to-date on the website.

“Why can’t I browse all your stock or buy direct from your website?”

We encourage new customers to contact our sales staff directly. This allows us to provide you with up-to-date availability of parts and ensures you get the exact part you need. We believe very strongly that personal contact with our customers is the best way to provide a huge selection of parts at competitive prices, and make sure the customer gets the right part every time.

Remanufactured and Upgraded Parts

G.T. Car Parts remanufactures otherwise hard-to-replace parts with modern upgrades. The original multi-layered boards here is reproduced as a single board with greater amperage capacity than the original. These are manufactured exclusively for G.T. Car Parts.

Remanufactured parts are sold on an exchange basis for a wide range of applications. Click here to see a part that we’ve remanufactured.

Contact with inquiry.

Rare and Specialized Supplier

G.T. Car Parts has an extensive stock of new, used, reproduction, and remanufactured parts for Ferrari and Lamborghini, with inventory on premises in two large warehouses.

We established this website to inform customers about some of the unique products we offer, as G.T. Car Parts works with suppliers to reproduce or remanufacture parts for vintage Ferrari and Lamborghini that are often unavailable from any other source. We regularly post information on new items as they become available. Our inventory is always changing, so please contact our sales staff if you are looking for a specific part.